Affordable and structured volunteer programmes

The Mighty Roar provide structured, safe and affordable volunteer abroad programmes to make a positive impact in the conservation, research and protection of some of the worlds amazing animals along with helping in the local communities. Our volunteer opportunities allow you to explore some of the mot beautiful and immersive destinations around the globe, while our UK and in-country support provides peace of mind and reassurance.

Why Choose The Mighty Roar?

Beautiful Destinations

Explore this extraordinary world with programmes across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Incredible Animals

Help conserve, research and protect some of the worlds most endangered and amazing animals.

Structured Programmes

Meaningful and responsible programmes mean there is no better way to travel while making a positive impact on the world.

24/7 Support

Our UK office and in-house coordinators are here to provide support and answer any questions.

Safe Travel

All programmes are regularly visited to ensure they are safe and all standards are being kept.

Value for Money

Affordable programmes with transparent fees, all with 100% financial protection.

Latest From The Blog

The Sad Truth Behind Volunteering With Elephants In Sri Lanka

Everyday we get questions about our award-winning Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Conservation programme and it gets compared to many other apparently similar projects offered by other organisations in the United Kingdom. We thought that we would write some information to clear up some misconceptions about elephant programmes in Sri Lanka and to hopefully educate you and to put a stop to the animal cruelty that goes

Latest Reviews


South Africa Primate Sanctuary & Monkey Rescue

Spent an incredible two weeks at the monkey rescue sanctuary in South Africa. I was able to get involved in everything the sanctuary done, and I believed my time spent here made a real difference to the monkeys. Before I left for South Africa I was given lots of information that prepared me for literally everything! If I had any questions then the UK team were very quick to reply and were very helpful. From the start to the finish my volunteering experience with The Mighty Roar was very good.

Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Conservation

I recently returned from 4 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka on the elephant conservation programme. I cannot praise enough the efforts of the local team. I loved everyday here and did not want to leave! This genuine programme is different to most out there! There are not hundreds of tourists all fighting to take photos, its literally you and the wildlife and every now and again a few locals walking to the next village. I learnt so much about the difficulties facing the elephants and other animals in the area and why it is now so important to put measures