We are so passionate about what we do, why would we not be? We get to travel this amazing world, make great friendships, see breathtaking views and get up close to some exotic and rare animals – what other job way of life offers that?

It would not be right if you did not get the opportunity to experience this too…that’s why we started The Mighty Roar.

There are many volunteering organisations that we are sure you will come across over the next few days. They all say they “are different” and we are sure they are. Well, we don’t just like to follow the herd, we say we are The Mighty Roar.

This is not a 9 to 5 job for us. You will regularly find us available to answer your questions outside of the “normal” hours, be that 06:30 on a Monday morning or 20:00 on a Sunday evening as everyone else settles down to watch some TV. We also make it easy. You can contact us through our online chat on our website, by email, text, social media or the good old-fashioned telephone.

We aim to make all of our volunteering programmes as affordable and accessible as possible, allowing this once in a lifetime opportunity to all travellers. If you really want, we will even allow you to compare our pricing with other organisations, charities and not-for-profits where you will find us significantly cheaper.

How can we do this I hear you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple really! We do not need big fancy offices, lots of employees or massive monthly overheads. Our small family team work from our cosy home office looking out across the fields with the occasional cow breaking into the garden – we cannot think of anywhere better to base ourselves at!

We may be relatively young compared with the more established companies, but there are a few things you should know about us.

We are committed to ethical conservation – We started The Mighty Roar because we wanted to make a difference to the conservation of the wildlife around the world. All of our projects only offer true conservation practices to make a positive impact in protecting these amazing animals.

All of our community programmes are responsible – Not only do our volunteer programmes directly help within the local community, but we ensure that all tasks aid to the local economy, respect all cultures and support and develop the local infrastructure.

We really know what we’re talking about – All of our team have visited each and every programme we offer so we can truly tell you what to expect. We have stayed in the accommodation, carried out all volunteering tasks, tasted the meals and travelled the nearby areas. Not only does this allow us to answer any of your questions, but we can also ensure that everything is enjoyable and most importantly safe.

We are here if you need us – For your peace of mind, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Between our UK office and our in-house teams, we are always on-hand to support you.

You are not just another number – We like to get to know all of our volunteers and we actively go out of our way to make your volunteering trip truly unique and special to you. Whether that is organising a must-do trip, paying for your gym membership, arranging that Pizza Hut delivery or simply celebrating your birthday, you can be sure we care about you.

We want you to have a great time – Why wouldn’t we? We go out of our way to make sure you and other volunteers have the best time of your lives. The fastest and most efficient way for us to grow and spread the word about our programmes is by YOU. Reviews are key to our success and that’s why we are so proud of our 5 out of 5 star rating.

So, do something different and special on your gap year or when you next go abroad. Whether you want to help protect the elephants in Sri Lanka, swim with sharks in South Africa, release baby turtles in Costa Rica or teach in Cambodia, we have the perfect experience waiting for you.

We regularly visit and inspect each and every one of the programmes we offer to rigorously check all aspects of the project are safe and that all procedures are being followed.

We monitor the stability of all of our volunteer destinations on a daily basis and have constant contact with our overseas teams to ensure that our volunteers are safe.

Our in-country team are on hand to help with any issues or to answer any questions and please do not forget that our UK office is available 24/7 in case of any rare emergencies.

While we can never guarantee your volunteer experience will be 100% trouble free, we have taken all of the necessary precautions to minimise all risks and to ensure the programme is as safe as possible.

We are with you through your whole journey; answering questions about programmes, through the application process, providing pre-departure information, support while in country and any questions you may have on your return home.

Once your application has been successful you will receive a comprehensive volunteer handbook. This in-depth document addresses a large range of topics such as health and safety, visas, what to pack as well as going into details about local cultures and traditions.

When you arrive in-country, you will be given a safety briefing during your orientation that will cover things like emergency procedures, how to use local transport and lots more.

Our experienced team are always available to provide assistance and answer any questions. You will normally find us responding to emails almost instantly!

As we have already said…we know what we’re talking about. We have all experienced every volunteer programme we offer and regularly go back! Next time you speak to one of our team, ask them when they was last there.

By doing this we can truly tell you exactly what to expect and suggest the most appropriate programme for you. We can make recommendations about where to travel while there and what’s best to see and do.

We like to get to know all of our volunteers so we can provide that personal service we expect everyone should get. We regularly go out of our way to organise something that is extra special for you, whether that be paying for your gym membership, ordering that much craved Pizza Hut delivery or to celebrating your birthday.

So, not only do you get to explore some incredible destinations, conserve amazing wildlife and help friendly locals but you get to do all this with like-minded people where you will make lifelong friendships.

You will have the peace of mind in knowing that you will be living and working alongside other volunteers. With all of our programmes, there is a great social element where everyone comes together to share their amazing stories, play games and explore their new environment.

Meet The Team

Christopher Holland

At the forefront of the organisation, Chris can be found answering questions at all hours of the day and even night! Often told he loves animals more than humans, Chris has a huge passion for volunteering and can be found regularly at the local animal shelter.

Michelle Edmonds

Our behind the scenes lady, when Michelle’s not busy with our children and dogs, she will be found keeping on top of the masses of paperwork. This self proclaimed horse whisperer is always hinting about how we need more “office assistants” – also known as animals!

Emily Holland

Our part timer (if we can even call her that!), Emily spends more time abroad than at home and loves to experience new cultures and countries. Emily plans to see the world and has already made a big dent in her to see list!

Amie Gregory

The newest addition to the team, Amie is in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly. From processing applications to answering questions, she is your go to person. Amie can regularly be found in Tenerife with a cocktail in hand!

Heidi Robus-Toner

Working as our main liaison with schools and universities, Heidi is always out and about giving presentations and meeting students! Our self confessed science and dinosaur geek is a recent winner on ITV’s Tipping Point.

Phoebe Holland

You’re never too young to start! Phoebe loves to help out and is always the first up to ensure everyone is ready to start work (at 5am!). Soon to be joining us on some adventures around the world, I’m sure she will be a big hit on our Facebook page.

Charith Jayaratna

Our main man in Sri Lanka, Charith ensures all of our volunteers have fun. A seasoned traveller, he knows everything you need to about Sri Lanka! In his free time (not that he gets much), Charith loves to dive / snorkel, sing, surf and buy everyone pizza in Hikkaduwa!

Ebenezer Bentum

You won’t find a more caring and genuine individual than Eb! You can be sure to be in safe hands when volunteering in Ghana. He loves music (organises a yearly festival in Busua), is a keen footballer and a big fan of Liverpool FC – everyone has their flaws!

Ebin Tamboer

If you would like to know anything about wildlife, then Ebin is the go to guy! Our co-ordinator on the popular South Africa Amakhala programme, Ebin loves to cook on the braai, football and have the occasional nap!



South Africa Primate Sanctuary & Monkey Rescue

Spent an incredible two weeks at the monkey rescue sanctuary in South Africa. I was able to get involved in everything the sanctuary done, and I believed my time spent here made a real difference to the monkeys. Before I left for South Africa I was given lots of information that prepared me for literally everything! If I had any questions then the UK team were very quick to reply and were very helpful. From the start to the finish my volunteering experience with The Mighty Roar was very good.

Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Conservation

I recently returned from 4 weeks volunteering in Sri Lanka on the elephant conservation programme. I cannot praise enough the efforts of the local team. I loved everyday here and did not want to leave! This genuine programme is different to most out there! There are not hundreds of tourists all fighting to take photos, its literally you and the wildlife and every now and again a few locals walking to the next village. I learnt so much about the difficulties facing the elephants and other animals in the area and why it is now so important to put measures

Sri Lanka Sea Turtle Conservation

Was helping at the turtle sanctuary in Sri Lanka which I had a very positive experience from. Releasing the baby turtles during the evening was my highlight as well as spending days on the beaches nearby. If you are looking for somewhere fun to volunteer then I would say Sri Lanka is the place to go.