Chris – “Do you want to go and check out a possible new project in Greece?” Me – “Absolutely, when?” This is where my first volunteering trip began, I was going to volunteer with sea turtles in a country I’d never been to! This is when the nerves kicked in. Having never done any voluntary work abroad before or even been out of the country on my own, I was a little apprehensive about what laid ahead of me. I had two weeks to get over myself before I set off on my four-day adventure. Those two weeks flew by

It’s World Rhino Day! On 22nd September every year, people around the world spend the day celebrating all five of the Rhino species. Sadly, it’s also a day to remember and reflect on the way these beautiful animals became endangered. Sadly, very few rhinos survive outside of national parks and reserves due to persistent poaching and habitat loss over the decades. Only two species of Rhino exist in Asia, the Javan and Sumatran. They’re both critically endangered and a subspecies of the Javan was declared extinct in 2011. It’s no surprise to hear that Rhinos are hunted for their horns.

It’s a subject that has saturated the international press over recent months and, when you stop and think, you wonder why it’s taken so long to discuss. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’m talking about plastic! I’ll be honest, I was pretty ignorant to the whole issue until I saw that Blue Planet II episode. I hadn’t realised that the worlds beautiful marine life was suffering so much because of our everyday use of plastics. Since the 1950’s, 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic has been produced. That’s the weight of one billion elephants. I am shocked to learn that only 9% of

Everyday we get questions about our award-winning Sri Lanka Wild Elephant Conservation programme and it gets compared to many other apparently similar projects offered by other organisations in the United Kingdom. We thought that we would write some information to clear up some misconceptions about elephant programmes in Sri Lanka and to hopefully educate you and to put a stop to the animal cruelty that goes on everyday by volunteers! It is quite a long article so I thought I would highlight the main points here, to encourage you to read on and to make an educated choice when looking

Start the new year with an adventure of a lifetime! We’re giving you the opportunity for you AND a friend to volunteer in the stunning Sri Lanka for 2 weeks – worth over £1,000! You can help out within our sea turtle sanctuary / hatchery where you will get to release babies into the sea, care for the resident turtles and so much more! You can read more about our sea turtle conservation programme here. Wildlife not your thing? Or fancy a full days volunteering? Then you can also volunteer at our pre-school where you will spend your days working

Hear all about life on our penguin conservation programme in Cape Town, South Africa from Stephanie, who is volunteering there for 16 weeks. Nothing quite beats arriving into a country you have never been to before, especially if its a place as beautiful as Cape Town. Travelling to South Africa was  simple and stress free thanks to Chris and the others at The Mighty Roar, who pretty much organised everything for me. Megan and Michelle (the local team) have been incredibly helpful and have answered all the never ending questions I have thrown at them, including how to get around

The perfect souvenir to remember your once in a lifetime volunteering trip! Our heavy duty cotton t-shirts are a light shade of black and feature our logo to the front chest and a much larger logo on the back. Just underneath this, it says Volunteer. Stand out while volunteering and let everyone know you are there for a good cause! At just £12.95 per t-shirt (including free worldwide postage), it is the perfect gift to you! To order, simply add your required size while filling out your application form. If you would like to order a t-shirt at a later

As many of our programmes in South Africa are based in or close to Cape Town, we thought it wise to let you know what we love to do while we’re there. We are no strangers to this beautiful country, having been there many times over the last few years! It has it all; wildlife, nightlife, long stretches of stunning coastline, mountains and an amazing vibe! Table Mountain The most iconic landmark in South Africa has to be Table Mountain. With its towering presence that can be seen from all over the city, it offers some of the best views

We have some great news from over at the Elephant Conservation programme in Sri Lanka – a baby elephant has been born! There’s plenty of wonderful news coming from the Wasgamuwa National Park, as this is the second elephant to be born there in just over a month. Baby Lorna is now around five days old and looking not only adorable but also very healthy. Her mum Kumuduni now has two baby elephants to look after, which with three months of the dry season left (until the North East monsoons commence) will be a very difficult period. The dry season