Chris – “Do you want to go and check out a possible new project in Greece?” Me – “Absolutely, when?” This is where my first volunteering trip began, I was going to volunteer with sea turtles in a country I’d never been to! This is when the nerves kicked in. Having never done any voluntary work abroad before or even been out of the country on my own, I was a little apprehensive about what laid ahead of me. I had two weeks to get over myself before I set off on my four-day adventure. Those two weeks flew by

As many of our programmes in South Africa are based in or close to Cape Town, we thought it wise to let you know what we love to do while we’re there. We are no strangers to this beautiful country, having been there many times over the last few years! It has it all; wildlife, nightlife, long stretches of stunning coastline, mountains and an amazing vibe! Table Mountain The most iconic landmark in South Africa has to be Table Mountain. With its towering presence that can be seen from all over the city, it offers some of the best views