Medical & Healthcare Programmes

Medical Highlights

FROM £170

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Ideal for pre-med and senior students

No previous experience or qualifications needed

Perfect for a university elective scheme

Build your CV or Uni application with new skills

Qualified staff welcome

Medical, nursing, midwifery & a wide range of health related placements

Working alongside local medical professionals you will gain invaluable experience while exploring a new country. Whether you are a pre-medical student, a senior student, just thinking about studying medicine or are a qualified staff member, we have the perfect programme for you.

We can organise a variety of health related placements including nursing, midwifery, physical therapy, dentistry, paediatrics, surgery and more! You will confront different illnesses and treatments, discover new techniques and methods and observe how teams work together in often resource-stretched settings.

If you’re looking for exposure in a speciality field, we can help select a medical volunteer project that aligns with your area of study / expertise.

India Medical Experience

Gain vital medical experience abroad with our diverse Indian medical programme. This is your fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand exposure and an in-depth insight into the health care system in India, while also providing an extra pair of hands to help assist. From observing and following the local staff, you will gain valuable knowledge and an understanding of the problems faced in Jaipur, as well as the best procedures and processes to handle them.
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday

Sri Lanka Medical Experience

Gain invaluable experience assisting in a busy hospital in Sri Lanka, where you will get up close clinical exposure. This unique experience will open your eyes to the world of medicine in Sri Lanka and offers you the chance to gain vital international work experience. You will get hands on training, supervised under experienced medical experts and will be fully involved in the day-to-day activities.
1-12 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday

Ghana Medical Experience

This is your chance to gain valuable first-hand experience into the healthcare system in Ghana. You will get a real insight into the difficulties faced and to meet some of the amazing people trying to help make a difference to the lives of the local community. During your time on the placement, you will get to shadow and assist the professional medical staff where you will get an unparalleled experience.
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday

Nepal Medical Volunteers

Gain invaluable experience assisting in a hospital in Nepal, where you will be able to work with and observe some great local medical professionals. This will allow you to gain greater appreciation and understanding of some of the challenges that Katmandu faces.
2 – 24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Sunday

South Africa Medical Experience

Want to do something amazing on your next trip abroad? Gain valuable experience assisting in a hospital in South Africa, where you will be able to work with adults and children in the community. Volunteering in facilities for poorer people who cannot afford private medical care is hugely rewarding work, appreciated by both clinic staff and all of the patients. As part of the experience you can also explore stunning Cape Town and enjoy its vibrant
2-24 Weeks
Selected Dates