Meet Lorna, The New Baby Elephant!

We have some great news from over at the Elephant Conservation programme in Sri Lanka – a baby elephant has been born! There’s plenty of wonderful news coming from the Wasgamuwa National Park, as this is the second elephant to be born there in just over a month.

Baby Lorna is now around five days old and looking not only adorable but also very healthy.

Her mum Kumuduni now has two baby elephants to look after, which with three months of the dry season left (until the North East monsoons commence) will be a very difficult period.

The dry season may pose problems for Kumuduni, whose job it now is to provide enough nutrition for Lorna. If her milk dries up, Lorna will be compelled to start eating at an early age and since most of the forage consists of dry vegetation may hamper her efforts on getting the right amount of nutrition to survive.

Despite these difficulties of the coming months, we hold out much hope for baby Lorna and as time goes by will keep you updated with her progress.

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