If you are joining us on one of our teaching programmes around the world, then why not do some preparation work before you head into the classroom. Our Level 5 TEFL Course (168 hours), can be studied completely online over a 6-month period, which is ideal for those with other commitments – and leaves you the freedom to study wherever and whenever suits you!

If you believe teaching may be the career for you (here in the UK or abroad), then our TEFL course is the perfect starting point to launching your new career. After completing the course, not only will you have a greater understanding, but you will also gain an internationally accredited certificate that qualifies you to teach English as a foreign language. Our course is a level 5 qualification, which is the same as a diploma / foundation degree, one step above a-levels, but below a university degree.

TEFL exists in practically every country in the world. At least 1.5 billion people are learning English right now, that’s one in seven people on the planet! The demand for learning English has never been higher and a TEFL certificate qualifies you to teach students throughout the world.

There are 11 core modules that you will work your way through, including the principals of teaching English, teaching younger students, English grammar and so much more. You will be provided with a personal tutor for feedback and assistance, so you will be supported throughout your entire course.

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11 in-depth core modules to complete in your own time, from home, within 6 months.


Internationally recognised, you will be qualified to teach in the UK and abroad.

£10 OFF - ONLY £159

The Mighty Roar volunteers get £10 off this amazing course, making it just £159!


The whole experience so far has been amazing! I would like to thank the TEFL Academy for giving me the opportunity to pursue my dream of travelling the world whilst teaching English.


The course was very in depth, and covered everything needed to be an all round English teacher. I have spoken with other people who have completed TEFL courses and they do not seem to cover as much content as the TEFL Academy.


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