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Bali Highlights

FROM £200

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A favourite destination amongst volunteers

A stunning exotic island

Based in Tianyar on the beach

Beautiful beaches, mountains & more

Affordable & rewarding projects

There’s no point coming to an exotic island like Bali and not live life on the beach! Our volunteer programmes are based in the small fishing village of Tianyar, right on the beach! Far away from the urban development and explosion of tourism, this is your chance to see the real Bali!

Volunteer on one of our worthwhile projects that provide the perfect mix of helping on rewarding projects and exploring this beautiful island. With plenty of activities, sights and people to meet, your long weekends will be filled with fun adventures in the jungles, along the beaches and up the mountains.

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The Bali Experience

Join us as we go and explore Bali and the surrounding islands that are made up of soft white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, lush green jungles and thousands of ancient temples! Our action packed three week group adventure offers up the perfect blend of the must sees as well as heading of the beaten path and discovering some hidden local treasures. You'll live life like a local as you volunteer on several worthwhile projects
3 weeks
Set Dates

Bali Childcare Volunteers

Want to do something amazing on your next trip abroad? Come and help at our day care centre, where you will be welcomed with open arms by the children and community. They will be sure to fill your life with laughter and unconditional love! This hugely rewarding experience will fully immerse you into the local Balinese culture, where you will interact with the locals and get to know their traditions and lifestyle.
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday

Bali Marine Conservation

We urgently need support from volunteers from around the world to help restore and protect the coral reef in picturesque Tianyar. What once was a highly bio-diverse and healthy 3-kilometre reef, it is now in a poor condition due to many years of unsustainable fishing practices and from pollution. You will have the opportunity to learn to dive and to also become fully qualified.
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday

Bali Teaching Volunteers

Come and enjoy the picturesque Bali where you will immerse yourself within the warm and welcoming community and get to know lots about the vibrant and diverse Balinese culture. With the main aim of teaching English for free, you, along with other volunteers will focus on providing a fun and enjoyable experience, where the children can further progress their English.
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday