Volunteer With Bears

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FROM £360

+ £129 Registration Fee

Ideal for those with a keen interest in bears

No previous experience or qualifications needed

Build your CV or Uni Application with new skills

Help to protect endangered species

Come away with memories that will last a lifetime

Would you like to play a role in helping to get bears out of the abusive environments we, all too often, see in the media. Well, now’s your chance to help. Working with our carefully selected projects, be a part of the change required for these lovably grizzly creatures.

Learn about their characters, their natural habitat and help them live a sustainable life, away from the gruesome reality that many are facing.

Check out the bear projects below, you can be a part of the change that gets the bears out of chains.

Thailand Wildlife Rescue Centre

Thailand has a rich biological diversity which has, sadly, decreased in recent years due to human exploitation. That, coupled with habitat loss and habitat degradation, is pushing much of the Thai wildlife to the brink of extinction. The Wildlife Rescue Centre is the perfect place for volunteering to help combat that. If you're enthusiastic and and passionate about wildlife, you're what we need to assist with the general upkeep of the project throughout the year.
1-12 Weeks
Every Sunday