Volunteer With Dogs

Dog Information

From £320

+ £129 Registration Fee

Ideal if you have a keen interest in helping dogs

 No previous experience needed

Build your CV or with new skills

Help to protect vulnerable animals abroad

Great for those considering a career in the veterinary field

Do you want to help the world’s most loyal creatures? Here’s your chance!

We’ve seen too many stray, hungry and poorly dogs in our time travelling abroad, so we have created some special programmes to help man’s best friend! Your duties will range from monitoring strays, to saving those in need and helping to administer medical treatment. With so much to do in between, you’ll find these projects very rewarding!

If you have a passion for our four-legged friends, and want to help in getting them fed, homed and healthy, our programmes are for you! What you do will be vital creating a happy life for these vulnerable animals.

Sri Lanka Dog Sanctuary

Are you a student or qualified vet, or a general dog lover like us? Come and join us in the South coast on the stunning island of Sri Lanka where your help will be really appreciated by everyone! We urgently need volunteers to provide an essential pair of hands to give much needed care and assistance at this unique dog sanctuary. The free-roaming sanctuary provides a safe-haven for sick, disabled and vulnerable strays – currently looking
1-24 Weeks
1st & 3rd Saturday